Anthony Sul is an Ohlone Rumsen artist born in San Jose, California. He began painting at 3 years old and sold his first art piece at the age of 4. Throughout his youth, Anthony made a consistent living off of customizing t-shirts and ran youth workshops to empower others to create their own businesses. After attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design Anthony began traveling to many reservations across the nation. Along this path Sul became aware of the degradation of the land and the environment. His art and music began to focus on giving voice to those in the struggle for liberation of genocidal oppression. Anthony continues to travel the country to create art and screen print in various states on reservations, universities, and frontlines. Anthony is currently creating art to fight the pipelines in Minnesota with the organization Honor the Earth. Sul also remains focused on his homeland in Ohlone Territory where he creates imagery to bring awareness to Shellmound (burial site) desecration in Berkeley.


San Francisco or the village of Yelamu has always been a place of inspiration for Anthony. During his residency at The Growlery, Anthony will create paintings, engage in printmaking, edit film, record hip hop and design clothing in his continuing work on indigenous rights.


IG: @sulkush