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Eder Muniz – “Calangos de Rua” (Street Lizard) is an artist from Salvador, Brazil best known for his street art. Muniz is entirely self-taught, having honed his craft and vision on Salvador’s myriad public surfaces for nearly two decades prior to achieving international recognition. Muniz’s work has been shown on three continents and is today as likely to be seen on the sides of Brazilian fishing skiffs and six story buildings as in galleries and museums across the U.S., including a recent appearance at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.


Muniz’s art is best characterized as a dialogue between urban society and the natural world, contextualizing humanity's constantly evolving accord with its natural vessel. With the tenacity of weeds, Muniz’s art emerges amongst the city’s ‘non-places,’ breaking the passerby’s stride and prompting contemplation. In a salvo of color the distinction between plant, animal, and human is broken, leaving only understanding.


In January 2018, Muniz will be presenting a series of ‘water-themed’ watercolor pieces at the Growlery.