Ellie Andrews studied BA Illustration in London. Currently living in South London as  freelance graphic designer and artist, Andrews has worked for a range of clients, including Nike, Bloomberg and Fred Perry.

While in residence at The Growlery, the artist intends to document the hand painted logos and bootleg characters painted in the streets of San Francisco, before they are sanatized by the effects of gentrification. “In London, hand produced signs and logos are really a dying art, with commercial plastic manufactured signs popping up, which leaves every street looking a cheap imitation of each other. I have always hand an appreciation, for things the visual aspects on the street disregarded by the general public as not having value, or being undesirable like wonky, crude lettering.”


Inspired by Jean Arp, Russell Maurice, Ekta Idblad, as well as industrial logos and vintage packaging design, the artist Ellie Andrews work at The Growlery will culminate in the publication of a photo zine.


Instagram: @ellie.andrewws