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Anna Landa: Artifacts


Thank you to everyone who came out to the reception! We are grateful for your support, and it was wonderful to see old friends.

For those who missed it or would like a second look, the show is up through March 9th. Shoot Anna a message ( and she'll walk you through it.



Please join us for a night of art and wine as artist in residence Anna Landa debuts a new series of photographs. This will be the first show of many at the Growlery by both local and international artists—we hope to see you there!

On View:
This on-going body of work examines the essence of mementos, and whether the aura of an object is separable from the object itself. Artifacts from the artist's life are contained within images and meaning is retained as the photographs become objects in themselves. 

Anna Landa is an artist based in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area whose more recent work draws inspiration from the intersection of art and science. She creates two-dimensional works and installations reflecting her preoccupation with questions concerning the idea of self, time, and mortality. A current artist in residence, her stay will culminate in a site-specific work reflecting her collected observations and experiences within the unique spaces of The Growlery.