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Sofie Ramos: soft like boundaries

Join us for a welcoming reception for new artist in residence Sofie Ramos. This reception marks the beginning of the project soft like boundaries, as the artist will continue to work throughout the house, adding layers upon layers and spreading out to continuously expand the limits of the composition, for the remainder of her stay. In the spirit of breaching boundaries, Sofie’s work will spill out into the downstairs galleries and the garage.   

Sofie creates colorful and chaotic installations that conflate the art and its space by obscuring the distinction between the three-dimensional arrangement of objects in a space and the two-dimensional composition of a painting. The question of where the art ends and the architecture or decoration or other “non-art” elements begin is a lingering provocation in past work, but the opportunity to live in the artwork through this unique residency is sure to amplify and distort the uncertainties of these distinctions. In addition to confusion about what is art and what is not, perceptions and expectations of space and time are obscured through manipulations of architecture and hyperboles of form and color. Somewhat like a dream or hallucination or fantasy, viewers are invited into the artist’s life to decipher her mess and experience her world.