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Harrison Love: A Bright Future

Bright Future is an exhibit of new work by artist Harrison Love centerted around seizing a moment of time, and capturing a portrait to celebrate ourselves as we enter a Bright Future.

Music by:

The Night Animals (performing promptly at 7pm)

Wylie Cable (Dome of Doom)

This event contains the Now and its Art is imbued with information that attempts to break towards the Future.

Today we are transiting from Old Nature, or the natural environment as our host of life for human habitation; into Mass Technology as the environment of life. 

The speed at which we transit makes the Now a seemingly intangible thing. The Main Event that will effect our culture from today is not seen by those of us that live it. We see the surface of the Newspapers, the obviousness of conflict, the social injustice of the market, the welling up of culture. Tthe most important event of this generation’s history, eclipses that of any comparable event, because no event before this one has gone so unnoticed. 

Everyone, politics, nation states, the culture, religion, all of that exists within the host of technology. It is not the effect of it, so much as it is that everything exists within it. It is not that we use technology, it is that we live technology, it is as ubiquitous as the air we breath without even really being aware of it.

Our time Now may be perceived as chaotic and being fraught with uncertainty but that is only because we are more connected than ever before. We do live on the event horizon of a black hole from which we cannot know what is on the other side. But don't worry, the future is Bright.

Later Event: October 21
Utter Silence