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Space is the Place: a San Francisco Funk Lesson

The 3.9 Art Collective Presents:
Space is the Place: a San Francisco Funk Lesson

Funk music is multi-layered, a fusion of the past moving toward the future, a flurry of innovation - combining elements of rhythm and blues, decorated with a distinctively strong bass line that is highlighted with static harmonies and a percussive vocal style, the same could be said for the history and progression of San Francisco. 

Funk is all encompassing. It can be a smell, a mood, a sound, a state of being.

Just as funk holds a spirit of innovation and exploration with its way of layering and the morphing together of ideas, cultures and flavors (both intentionally and unintentionally), so does the city of San Francisco.

The members of the 3.9 Collective have come together to explore the past, present and the future through the creative spirit of individuals who reside in San Francisco. Embracing the past, present and future, "Space is The Place: a San Francisco Funk Lesson " embraces space from all angles - physically, emotionally, mentally and otherwise. The title of the exhibit, "Space is the Place" is inspired by the album and film by Sun Ra, an African American jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, and poet. He was known as the pioneer of Afrofuturism. His avant garde style inspired future generations of musicians including Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, George Clinton's P-funk, Afrika Bambaataa's Zulu Nation, Earth Wind & Fire, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Madlib, Flying Lotus, Janelle Monae, Violent Femmes, and Solange and many, many more.

This exhibition features work by:
Cheryl Derricotte
Rodney Ewing
Kija Lucas
Kristine Mays
Rhiannan McFadyen
Ramekon O'Arwisters / Crochet Jam
William Rhodes
Michael Ross
Ron Saunders

Readings at 8:30pm by:
Kimberly Reyes
Tongo Eisen-Martin
Jacqueline Francis

The 3.9 Art Collective is an association of African American artists, curators, and art writers who live in San Francisco, and came together to draw attention to the city’s dwindling black population. The 3.9 Art Collective bears witness to this phenomenon and seeks to reverse it by drawing attention to the historical and ongoing presence of black artists in the city and creative expression in its black communities. Through multiple forms of presentation and outreach, we create and claim spaces to display our art work; nurture young artists and develop educational programs for students; and write about and curate exhibitions meant to generate productive, cross-cultural dialogues.