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Memory Cave: Eli Thorne and Grace Rosario Perkins

Memory Cave: Eli Thorne and Grace Rosario Perkins
January 12 - February 16, 2019
Opening Reception, January 12 7 - 10PM
Closing Reception, February 16, 7 - 10PM
Hours By Appointment

The Growlery presents a two person exhibition featuring the work of
Grace Rosario Perkins and Eli Thorne. Perkins and Thorne’s paintings
are connected through the use of mining emotionally charged internal
spaces or “memory caves” to create dense textured paintings that
reference symbols, personal writing, autobiographical and fabricated
narratives, landscape, cultural dissonance, and living ideas.

Both artists work strictly from intuition—where Thorne’s paintings
investigate spaces as lost and imagined worlds drawing from emblems of
contemporary trans life bringing forth sentiment, power, energy, and
at times, fantasy. Perkins uses a constant method of addition and
redaction in which she paints phrases, images, and ideas culled from
conversations, journals, books, and memory resulting in surfaces that
are dense representations of what she calls  “someone picking up
pieces in a new body and sometimes never understanding them.”

Together the artists will display work in conversation, showcasing
large scale and small scale paintings along with plants, objects,
photographs, and sculpture in a collaborative installation.