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Rooted Recipes Project x Radical Joy

Rooted Recipes Project x Radical Joy

The Rooted Recipes Project is back with our first event of the year. We're celebrating Lunar New Year (Year of the Pig) with a LIT line-up of performances, DJs, and super delicious food. We'll be incorporating and remixing our favorites from Vietnamese, Lao, Filipino, and Chinese food traditions.

Our theme this year is Radical Joy: reflecting on how prioritizing our joy and happiness can be a radical action amidst oppressive systems that aim to undo us and our livelihoods. Through food, comedy, theater, music, dancing, (and more!), we're creating a dynamic space to celebrate old and evolving traditions, set intentional wishes, and be in community with each other, to exist in joy and love.


mam tôm chua
fermented sour shrimp smuggled straight from the viet motherland

pork and shrimp dumplings
'nuff said

lumpia (vegan)
the chris san diego special with curried roasted cauliflower and sweet potato

luang prabang (vegetarian optional, GF)
herbalicious lao salad tossed in an egg yolk and fish sauce dressing

bánh tét (vegan, GF)
sticky rice, yellow mung beans, non-psychoactive shrooms

tht kho | thom kim
if vietnam and laos had a braised pork belly baby

kua mee (vegan, GF optional)
lao rice noodle stir fry that's anything but basic

bibingkang malagkit (vegan, GF)
not quite lola-approved

leche flan (GF)
infused with citrus and joy


Blush Dara

Aivy Cordova
Kristee Ono
Geek Show
Granny Cart Gangstas

Jon Leezy
Shelley Kuang


Venue information:
The venue/house is not wheelchair accessible.
There is limited parking near the venue/house. We encourage folks to take public transportation or carpool.

Thuy Tran, co-founder of The Rooted Recipes Project, is an Ebony McKinney Arts Leadership Awardee, supported by Emerging Arts Professionals SF/BA's MADE Incubator Program and the San Francisco Arts Commission. Their generous support has made this event possible. To learn more about EAP and their work, please visit:

We are dedicated to making this event as financially accessible as possible. If you'd like to attend and are facing financial difficulties, please contact us at