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Courses of Action: Liz Roberts and Elena Harvey Collins

Courses of Action
Liz Roberts and Elena Harvey Collins
October 19, 2019, 6-9pm

In Courses of Action 1-5 we respond to a series of diagrams pulled from a text. The book, based in white survivalist culture, suggests that survival in an extreme situation is simply a matter of individual skill and training. It is an expression of the personal responsibility ethos taken to the level of a sickness, a view of the world in which we are all "operatives". Still, this kind of ruthless competence is seductive. Impromptu construction of body armor out of used books and duct tape, gas masks using gallon milk jugs, blending in and disappearing, defending the nuclear family home, and disposing of a body are all strategies that an “operative” can execute. We translate these static diagrams into a series of short filmed performances and interventions, recreating the scenarios using materials found at home. These performances pull the diagrams into context, into real spaces in the world. The absurdist process of acting them out opens into something different - work about the nature of collaboration, performance of care, and trespassing together.

About the Artists:
Liz Roberts’ work spans film, video, sculpture, and performance. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she teaches at Ohio State University and is a member of MINT.

Elena Harvey Collins is a curator, writer and artist. She lives in Fresno, CA, where she organizes the programming for Fresno City College's Art Space Gallery.