shannon Byrne

Shannon Byrne is the founder of The Process, a podcast and journal exploring the messy unknown. In the series, makers and creatives across a variety of industries share the challenges they face in turning their craft into a business. They go beyond just the business side of creativity and dive into mental health, wellness, and relationships. The mission of the project is to build empathy and break society's obsession with perfection. To lift the veil behind each other's work.

Currently, Shannon is treating The Process as a research project where she hopes to uncover and share underlying themes on what drives us and stops us from creating. Where in the process we get stuck and what triggers us to push through. With this, her and her project partner, Hannah Spencer plan to release a series of zines featuring work and words from creatives and eventually a magazine.  

Shannon is also the founder of A Song A Day, a community of curators who used to send hand-picked songs to thousands of inboxes daily. Now, it's more of a casual monthly note. Through that project, she produced four concerts benefiting organizations such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA. 

To pay the bills, she's a freelance writer, marketer, editorial director, and music curator working mostly with small businesses and startups.