Nathaniel Galipeau studied graphic design at CCSF and now works as a freelance designer and dog walker. He was born and raised in SF’s Mission district and now lives in the Sunset.

Nathaniel is a founding member and designer of KEEP EYES zine. He’s been making art in SF his whole life, and has studied at Precita Eyes, Southern Exposure, and SF Waldorf. Most recently Nathaniel curated and produced “Stevenson St. Snakes”, a group exhibition about a warehouse fire that displaced him from the Mission, featuring George Crampton Glassanos and Andrew Luck, two artists who have inspired him greatly.

His current works, designed using scientific methodology, create visual paradoxes. The work is inspired by the nature of our reality, by visual trickery, and by trying to define art.

During his residency, Nathaniel will be producing abstract sculpture made of painted wood, twine, and plexiglass, as well as patterned geometric abstract works on 2D mediums.

Instagram: c.wolf_