Rania Ho

Rania Ho is a multidisciplinary artist working in installation and performance. Her works employ a humorous, unexpected approach to everyday objects and situations, often using absurdity as a means of interrogating broader social or cultural concerns. Ho received her B.A. in Theater Arts from UCLA and a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. She lives and works in Beijing, China.

Ho past exhibitions include the Luggage Store Gallery, SF (2018); Capsule Gallery, Shanghai (2017); CASS Sculpture Foundation, UK (2016); BANK, Shanghai (2014); Meta Gallery, Shanghai (2015); Observation Society, Guangzhou (2013); St. Andrews Museum, Fife, UK (2013); Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (2011); Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (2011); Platform China, Beijing (2010); San-Art, Ho Chi Minh City (2010); Long March Space, Beijing (2008); ISEA2006/Zero One Festival, San Jose (2006) and the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou (2005).

She is a co-founder of Arrow Factory (www.arrowfactory.org.cn) one of the oldest (now in its 10th year), independently run, alternative, storefront art spaces in the center of Beijing.

With Thy Tran and Bryan Wu, Ho is a member of the Survival Project collective (www.survivalproject.net) an ongoing multifaceted exploration of food and resilience during extreme times.

Website: www.dancingtoasters.com