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Shannon Byrne

Shannon Byrne is a writer, community builder, marketing strategist, and podcaster. She’s worked with several brands in tech, travel, economic development, and small-batched goods. She’s the founder of The Process Podcast and of A Song A Day, a human-powered music curation service and has produced several concerts benefiting Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA.

With a resume that spans PR, communications, and marketing, Shannon’s passion lies in writing pieces that either help people feel less alone or grow their small businesses. She also has a knack for connecting people and creating shared experiences.

When not working on projects, she’s hiking, at a concert, running through a new neighborhood, reading, playing with a stranger’s dog, trying to learn something new, traveling, or exploring wherever she is calling home at the moment. Most recently, that was Portland, OR and has also been Brooklyn, NY and St. Petersburg, FL (where she was born).